Thursday, June 16, 2011

Is the Fountain of Youth a pile of candy?!

For ages people have been searching for the Fountain of Youth and it may have been in their local modern art museum all along!!

Famed installation artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres is known for his highly conceptual "candy spills" which first showed in 1991 in response to his partner dying of AIDS.  The installation features a 175 pound pile of candy seemingly spilling out of a wall. Each person that encounters the installation is encouraged to take a piece of the candy to parallel the diminishing effects of AIDS on the human body. Gonzalez-Torres required that the pile be continuously replenished symbolically granting perpetual life. 

Atkinson Candy Company has had the great pleasure of supplying candy for a Felix Gonzalez-Torres exhibit in Fort Worth a few years ago and we hope to do it again soon!!